Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review

The hype was real on this palette! I feel like you couldn’t go on any social media outlet without someone raving about this one. Every Youtuber got the same PToo Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review Makeup BlogR package with the whole collection. That just made you want it even more because of how beautiful it is!   So you know what that meant… I had to get it. Without Further ado here is my Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review.

First things first

Let’s break down this palette for you. This palette has 18 shades, 6 of which are matte and 12 shimmer. In total, the palette is 17.g which is a little on the smaller side (less product in the pan). On the Too Faced Website the price point is $49. Sephora & Ulta have the palette as well. As far as the website goes you can’t combine any coupons with it which does make it a steeper price point.

Let’s talk Packaging

The box it comes in is super cute, fun, and speaks to what Too faced usually releases. Sticking with the Peach theme the box is as you guessed it, peach. It even has the little peach emoji on the box as well.  What I can appreciate, is on the back of the box it has all the shades shown. When boxes don’t have the shades on the back it really grinds my gears. It just helps to know what is inside when you are comparing palettes in person. Inside the box they have types of eye looks you can create with it, which is actually really helpful. Showing how you can achieve different eye looks with use of the entire palette. It shows how versatile the palette can be.

Let’s Open that bad boy up!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review makeup blogEverybody said it smells like peach and OH MY LANTA they were right! The smell is just so spot on. It is not overwhelming like some liquid lipsticks that are scented and it gives you a headache the whole day. NO, it’s subtle and just, perfect. You can call me crazy but I literally feel like my eyes smells like peaches the whole rest of the day! The actual palette has a nice thick magnetic covering. Which is so smart because do you know how many times my kids pull my makeup off my vanity? Too many to count! The thick covering helps when you travel. This way you do not have to worry about your bag being thrown around and your shades all breaking out of their casings. Which we all know happens especially if your boyfriend is loading the car and throws your makeup bag in the trunk. Good job Too faced on that aspect.

Let’s Create some bomb makeup looks!

As always, I like to use a palette for a whole week. At least every time I do my makeup for 7 days just to get a better review for you. So, for me I always like to sToo Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review Makeup Blogtart with my transition shades (crease and above the crease) to start my eye looks. If you go in with the darker shades, it becomes difficult to blend out later if you don’t build up that transition shade. So, you want to start with the lightest shades first and just kind of build up by lightest to darkest sticking with the mattes only. On the subject of the mattes, most of them are so Beautiful, Bendable, and just very very Buttery. (The three B’s) Which is something you really want to look for with your mattes. With your transition shades, I find it is always best to use a natural Hair brush to diffuse the colors just to make sure you don’t have any harsh lines. If you start with a synthetic brush you will more than likely get to much product and have to spend the next 15 minutes trying to diffuse those harsh lines.

Where this Palette Fell short

The mattes have glitter in them! Are we in high school drill team again? I didn’t think so. I HATE when a matte color has glitter in it because it just ruins the consistency for me. It makes it very hard to blend and it makes the eye shadow go on very very patchy. Too Faced is a cute brand and they are kind of known for having glitter and cute Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review Makeup Blogthings like that in their palettes but that was definitely a miss for me.

Second complaint is that I am noticing all the peach shades really don’t show up on me. I have tan skin, so I wasn’t expecting a peach to magically appear on my Lid, but with the right Eyelid primer (or concealer) it should have been a lot more pigmented. If you have a whole palette based on peaches the Peach shades should be the most pigmented ones out of the entire palette. I even tried using a different brush, a different technique with my brush and was left with the same result. Sometimes if you find yourself not getting the right result you have to change something about the way you are applying. Maybe switching up the angle of your brush all the way to the angle of your hand. These are all key factors in the application. Most pigments were the shimmers (which were so very pigmented) I was disappointed with that aspect of the sweet peach palette.



I really don’t hate this palette. I was able to create some really great eye looks with it but I found myself grabbing for other palettes on a day to day basis. This is is such a cute idea, but for me, it wasn’t a must have. Let me know your opinions and what you thought about it in the comments down below.


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