Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette Review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you placed all the colors that you dream of putting on your eye lids into one palette? No? Just me? Some people dream about cars and vacations. I dream of eye shadows. So when a palette comes out that has everything all in one, it quickly becomes my must-have palette. Let me introduce you to  Anastasia Beverley hills Modern Renaissance Palette (as the sky opens up and the birds start chirping). This by far, is the Best palette of 2016. I know obviously it’s 2017 but I need to be using a palette for a while to know exactly how I feel about it. I’ve been using it for quite some time in order for me to come up with a review. I wouldn’t want to use the palette once and then tell you I love it because I don’t think I would have enough evidence.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Review makeup Blog

Let’s talk packaging

First off Anastasia always breaks records with their packaging. If you go and check out their past palettes they are always so Strikingly different then the last one.  They take the time and worry about the packaging as much as they worry about the shadows themselves. The packaging alone is so sleek and simple. It has a very Classy feel to it. You would never guess the shadow gold inside. Now remove the palette and suddenly it gets even better. Out comes a Lilac Matte, Felt palette. So cute and so different! It’s very thick and durable so I’m not so afraid that once my clumsy elbow knocks it over it won’t break open. This circles back to traveling. You don’t have to worry about bubble wrapping your palettes in order to last the harsh environments your luggage has to go through.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Review makeup blog

Let’s talk shadows.

These are the most creamy, blendable, beautiful eye shadows I have ever seen in a palette. They are mostly warm tones with the pops of berry and reds. Very 17th Century, which brings you to why the named it Modern Renaissance. I won’t bore you with a history lesson but The Renaissance what a time period that was a Cultural Movement. It birthed humanism and finding art in many things. Such as poetry, music, and even Literature. It was a very romantic era that kind of shaped the world as it is today. Romance not in love between two people so much, but more in the way music flowed and how art had much more heart and love expressed in it.  Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo were some of the artists that came from this time. So when you try to imagine colors, and shadows that would represent this period I think this palette does just that. It’s a very romantic and beautiful palette. I think Norvina (Anastasias daughter) did a wonderful job of embodying the renaissance. So lets talk about how Versatile this palette is. They did a wonderful job of putting a little bit of every shade you would need to create an eye look. It has your crease shades, transition shades, and your lid shades which makes it kind of a one stop shop. You won’t find yourself grabbing for other colors to create an eye look.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Review makeup blog

Time to get Technical.

The palette itself consists of 14 shades. 11 matte and 3 metallic. Some of the matte shades feel almost a little shimmery to me, which im not mad at, but I wouldn’t call all 11 matte.  Each shade is .02 oz. So compared to the Sweet peach palette this one is a tad smaller. The price point on this one is $42 which is a little more steep for the Anastasia palettes but to me it’s worth it. The great thing about this palette is that it’s not limited edition. What that means is you can literally go to Sephora or the website and get one at any time. I love that because then not everyone is having to participate in the hunger games to buy it. “May the odds be ever in your favor”. No, you can go to Sephora right now or you can go in two months and pick it up.



These shadows are HIGHLY pigmented. What I mean by that, is don’t stick your brush in and swirl around for 5 minutes. You need only a quick swipe, make sure you tap your brush to get rid of excess, and blend. My suggestion would be to do your eye makeup first because these do have a bit of fall out, which is pretty normal for red and berry shades. If you have a little more experience then be my guest! My advice as far as the metallic shades is to use your finger. Using your finger to apply gives you much more product and it will be more vibrant on the lid. You can use your brush however it will be a much softer look.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern renaissance Palette Review Makeup blog

Overall, this is one of my favorites if not my favorite palette so far! I put some different looksI created with it over the past couple months throughout the post to give you some inspiration and hopefully that you could recreate. I also think this palette is great if you are wanting to make some soft sultry Valentines day looks next week! Let me know in the comments below if you guys have this palette and what you think of it. Also tag me in your looks so I can check them out and maybe get some inspiration from you!.
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