Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

 Colourpop Liquid Lipstick Review

I get asked a ton what my favorite liquid lipstick brands are and it’s hard to narrow down to just one specific brand. Liquid Lipsticks have only recently come into the spotlight in the last couple of years. Before them, everybody had to carry their lipsticks in their purses, jeans, or even bras because they had to reapply them every hour. You can imagine how nasty, sweaty, and unsanitary that had become.  So when they jumped out on the scene it was obviously a big hit and every makeup company hopped on the band wagon. So naturally, I did too. Here is my Colourpop Liquid lipstick Review!

At this point my lips probably hate me. It wasn’t the endless amounts of hot sauce that my in laws bring us from the valley. Nor the sloppy kisses I get from my kids (sometimes my man). No, it was the endless amounts of liquid lipsticks I have slathered on them for the last couple of years. I’d like to blame the Texas weather for the dryness but we all know the truth. In all reality, I own over 60 liquid lipsticks. Just liquid lipsticks! Not including the endless glosses or actual lipsticks. So I think its safe to say I have my fair Share and have learned a thing or two.

Colourpop shade: Beeper

Out of all them, I have found a few that I find tolerable and only About two that I won’t let my children even think about breathing near. Not everyone is as crazy as I am and wants to pay $20 for a liquid lipstick so I narrowed it down to one less expensive (drug store price) and one higher end brand. I will tell you all about my Drug store brand in this post and I will give you my higher end brand in the next one.

Colourpop liquid lipstick review makeup blog

Colourpop shade: Avenue

Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks.

Out of all the lower price point liquid lipstick brands, Colourpop liquid lipsticks stand out the most to me. From the sleek and simple chrome top to the angled applicator, they have made such an inexpensive brand feel so expensive and luxurious.  How were they able to make you feel that just from the packaging? No idea, but I can really appreciate it. Colourpop came out of left field with these liquid mattes. When everyone around you is charging $20 for one, and you come out with a formula just as comparable to some of the higher end brands for only $6, you take the game. I’ve swatched a couple of my favorite colors on my lips to give you a better idea of the color.


Let’s get down to Specifics.

I want to give you a little more technical information just to break it down to compared to some other brands.  The tube itself in total weighs 3.2g/.11oz , which if you compare to Anastasia is the EXACT SAME SIZE. I’m going to repeat that for you. EXACT SAME SIZE. That just blew your mind right? If you think about it, you are paying almost four times more when you buy the Anastasia Beverly hills.  Another wonderful thing Colourpop does is list all their ingredients on the website, which some higher end brands only list them on the packaging (makes you wonder what they are trying to hide). When the ingredients are listed without having to dig for the box it came in makes it very helpful for people who, like me, have very sensitive lips to know what does and doesn’t work for them. I always like to look if something is irritating my skin to see if I tried anything that I haven’t tried before. It comes in handy when going and purchasing another product who has a lot of the same ingredients.

ColourPop Liquid Lipstick Review makeup blog

Colourpop Shade: Tulle

On to the actual product and application.

These are Very Very Matte.  I will also repeat that again. These are VERY VERY matte. I know what you are thinking, Duh Arin, they named them Ultra Matte Lipsticks for a reason. Yes I know, but I need to warn you because not everyone believes me when I tell them. Compared to other liquid lipsticks it is a very different formula. Once they dry, they are there for the rest of the day. No budging. I have run into some problems with the red shades because after a couple hours they do tend to get flakey, but I have found out that if I moisturize them a little while I am doing the rest of my face it doesn’t flake as bad. So who are they are perfect for? Moms on the go or maybe those who don’t have time to reapply everytime they drink some coffee or sip on a glass of wine. However if you plan to put this on and intend to change your lip color in a couple hours ( which I do all the time).  Then you better have your coconut oil or olive oil on hand to get it off.

 Some Tips for Application.
Now when you apply the lipstick to your lips make sure to wipe it thoroughly on the sides of the tube before you smother it all over. My tip is to just use the smallest amount and line your lips like you would a lip liner. This way it makes it 100 times easier to fill in with out messing up. If you do mess it up, its okay, grab some concealer and a more precise brush, clean up those edges, and try again!
Colourpop liquid lipstick review makeup blog

Colour pop shade: Creeper

Overall you guys this is the Especially if your looking to stay in a budget. If you sign up on their website they actually send you emails with sales and coupons ALL THE TIME. This makes this a win win, at least for me. So I will post a link down below so that you can go ahead and take a look, and maybe try them out when you get the chance. Right now they even have a few liquid lips on sale for $4.80. As always, let me know what you think in the comments.

I will be posting my high end pick sometimes this week. Can you guess what brand I will choose? I will see you next time. Don’t forget to Subscribe and share!

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