How to cover a Blemish Perfectly

You know when you have popped that pimple that you know you really shouldn’t have popped but it’s already happen and now you’re running five minutes late for your date. So what do you do? You grab your concealer, slather it on, and run out the door. An hour goes by and you go to the bathroom to make sure you didn’t spill anything on your skirt, check your butt, and see that much to your suprise your pimple is back and even more red then it was before. Mortified you try to use whatever left over makeup is on your chin to cover it up.  After this post  I expect you to never run into this problem again. So here’s How to cover a Blemish Perfectly.

How to cover a Blemish Perfectly makeup blogHow to cover a Blemish Perfectly Makeup BlogHow to cover a Blemish Perfectly Makeup BlogHow to cover a Blemish Perfectly Makeup Blog








Step 1.

I’m not going to tell you not to pop it because we all know you aren’t supposed to. You’re still going to pop it. So if you HAVE to pop it, I’ve learned from a couple different facialists (warning: gross alert) push everything out until you get a thin water like substance. This means you were able to get all the nasty stuff out under the skin. 

Step 2.

Wash your face. Please don’t immediately put makeup over the pimple because 9 times out of 10 that will just cause a bigger reaction.

Step 3.

Before you put foundation on your face take a green concealer right on top of the pimple. Green concealer will combat the redness.

Step 4.

After you have put your foundation on take a thicker concealer. By thicker I mean the consistency. This way it really is doing it’s job. I ALWAYS use the bare minerals correcting concealer. It’s so tiny that I can throw it in my purse and use it later if needed.

Step 5. 

SET THAT CONCEALER. You can use a face powder or translucent powder to set it. Setting it with powder makes sure that it will stay all day or night. 

Step 6.

Finish your face. Voila! It’s almost like it never happen.

These are the tips I have learned over the years but if you have a different way let me know in the comments below! I am always looking for something new to try out!
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Products Used:
Green Concealer: NYX HD photo concealer
Skin Color Concealer: Bare Minerals Correcting Concealer
Foundation: NYX Foundation Drops
Translucent powder: “Set it & Don’t Fret it”

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