Dose Of colors Liquid Lipstick review

I’m sitting here watching friends desperately trying to figure out what shade lipstick Monica has on. I need it.  I’m wondering if they have to reapply it every scene because she’s drinking water. What a pain in the ass. Probably this is the reason liquid lipsticks grew tremendously in just a short amount of time. Let’s talk about my favorite High end Liquid lipstick. Since I posted about my favorite drug store priced liquid lip. I know what you’re thinking, every sequel is awful compared to the prequel. We have all seen Speed 2, Indiana Jones (the one with the alien skull), grease 2, and we won’t even get into the star wars sequels that were actually prequels with Hayden Christensen. Fret not, i’m here to change your mind. At least when it comes to liquid lipsticks. Here is my Dose Of Colors Liquid Lipstick Review.

 Dose Of Colors Liquid Lipstick Review Makeup Blog

Best high-end liquid lipstick?

Dose of colors. I can’t rave more about these liquid lipsticks! But i’m going to. In this post.
To this day I still can’t figure out how they managed to accomplish such a creamy mousy formula. Your lips feel like there is nothing on them. It is the most lightweight, long lasting, and hydrating high end liquid lip I have ever tried. After wearing it, i almost feel as though my lips have more moisture than they did before i put it on. What’s great about the formula is I think it really is for everyone, everywhere. The formula is unique enough that it doesn’t matter if you are in a dry climate, or a wet climate your lips will still be colored beautifully. What a great product because you can really market that to everyone.

Dose of colors doesn’t get as much as credit as they deserve because they aren’t right there as soon as you walk in to a makeup store. They are more well known on social media and not everyone is on social media all the time. I think 60% of the beauty community shops at their local beauty supply store and doesn’t realize all the different indie brands that aren’t  sold in the stores yet. For a long time, because of their popularity, they were constantly sold out on their website. Which is good for them but not so much for us when we want to purchase the product! In the last Couple of months they have been able to up their stocks with every restock making it easier for anyone to just go online and grab a shade. Since they are a higher end brand, I think that before you know it they will be up on the shelves at Sephora next to Kat Von D or even Anastasia.  Dose Of Colors Liquid Lipstick Review Makeup Blog


Each liquid lip comes in its own box, which if you compare it to Colourpop Ultra matte comes on its own in a package (this may have changed recently though). Although, it is more normal of higher end products to encase their liquid lips in a signature box. The tube itself is so chic and short which makes it so easy to throw in your purse, or even your bra, for a night out without taking to much room, but you really won’t even need to bring it because its going to be staying on the ENTIRE night. The applicator is probably my favorite applicator out there. The Applicator is fluffy and fat. By fat, I mean it is nice and thick which is amazing because you are able to get away with only dipping in once and have enough product for the entire lip.

So when it comes to High End Liquid Lip Brands, These by far are my favorite. You can check them out at Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried them and what you think!

Check them out here: Dose Of Colors

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