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Easy Every Day Makeup

You know those days when you literally hit snooze 6 times and now you’re realizing if you don’t get out the door in 30 minutes you are going to get in so much trouble? It’s okay, I do this ALL the time. So I’ve put together one of my favorite and fastest looks for you. This is my Every Day Makeup look. It takes me 20 minutes  and I’m out the door. Usually If I don’t include fake lashes it only takes me about 15 minutes. It’s very feminine and simple. You can dress it down with some natural lashes or vamp it up with some fuller ones. If i want to transform this look from day to night I would just take off the gloss and put a darker liquid lip. Or you could even take a liquid lip and put it on and then add some gloss on top of that. I’d also smoke out my lower lash line a little more and add some heavier lashes.  I’ve posted the details for you down below! Hope you enjoy this look. Make sure you let me know what you think and if you Recreate it post it in the comments!


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