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“Flying is fun” they all said, “An Adventure” they said it would be. It’s hard to have fun when your face has turned into a battle zone. You don’t even want to attempt to cover up those pimples with makeup for the fear they might fight back with an army of more pimples and blemishes. So I’ve put together a few Travel Beauty Tips & Tricks that I have found helpful when I travel. I have Combination skin which means I am pretty oily in my T-zone but I get very dry on the outsides. This is part of the reason I have to use different types of skin care vs. using just One every night. I’ve tested all sorts of skin care products, and I think I have finally found a good routine to keep my blemishes at bay.
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Don’t skimp

on the skincare the night before. By skimp, I mean do your ENTIRE exfoliation process when
washing your face. Right now I use 3 different face washes every single night just to wash my face. I know it may seem like a lot, but when you wear so much makeup so often I find it very necessary. Especially when you are traveling somewhere new.

Oil it up!

Some people are afraid to put an oil on their face, but i’m here to tell you it is a life saver. Even with an oily T-zone I still apply oil.  I use Josie Maran Argan oil. Take about 6 or 7 drops and massage into your face and neck. ( Never forget your neck!) I do this after I wash my face and before I put my face moisturizer on. I usually always do this twice a day. This also helps your makeup go on much more smooth. You can even add it to your cream foundations or Contour kits. I would only suggest adding maybe two drops to those though because most of them already have a type of oil in it. If you have very oily skin I would try Aloe Vera Gel.

Travel Beauty Tips & Tricks makeup blogTravel Beauty Tips & Tricks makeup blog

Moisturize in flight! Don’t be afraid to be the weirdo that whips out a sheet mask mid flight. It’s better than being that person who takes off their shoes to let their feet “breathe”. You want to be glamorous at your destination rather than on the flight there. Especially if  are flying long distances.  You can do this a couple of ways. I love sheet masks because they have some great ones just for moisturizing. Sephora has some great affordable sheet masks. I also always take with me My FAB Vital Greens Face Mist in my purse. Spray that every time you feel your face getting dry. It also Smells Delicious and so refreshing.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

. Most people forget about their face when it comes to protection against the sun. Most BB creams have SPF in them but I like an extra boost especially if I am in a warmer climate. The Tarteguard 30 sunscreen lotion is great because its not as greasy and doesn’t mess with my foundation. Feel free to use your regular Sunscreen if you don’t plan on putting any makeup on that day.

Your lips are the first to show when you’re dehydrated, so keep those bad boys hydrated. There are PLENTY of expensive lip products out there but the best one I have found to this day is your good ol’ Aquaphor. I love it because it lasts forever and its only $5.00. I’d also stick to moisturizing lipstick or glosses because the liquid mattes are going to be extra dry.

Makeup Wise

, My advise to you is Don’t do a full face if you don’t have to the first day of being somewhere new. Let your skin adjust. If you can get a way with a light powder stick to that. Bare Minerals has some great powder foundations, blushes, and bronzers that I really like to use just to give me a natural glow. I also like Mac studio Fix powder pressed powder because it gives great coverage without doing a full face. Dab a little concealer under those eyes and throw on some powder foundation and you are ready for the day. If you have to do a full face just make sure you are completley taking your makeup off after your done. Maybe even throw on a clay mask for 5 minutes before you go to bed.
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My last tip is don’t forget to drink water! Water will always help your skin. Make sure you are at least having 8 glasses, especially if you will be in a warmer climate than you are used to. Water is the cheapest way to get good skin no matter where you are.


Hope these tips and tricks help you out the next time you travel. Do you have any other remedies that you swear by? Leave them for me in the comments so I can try them out!



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