Full Coverage Foundation: Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review

I was getting myself prepared for Vegas and what it would do to my face when I realized I didn’t have not one single full coverage foundation in my vanity. I had ran out of all the good ones. So I rush to youtube slam my hands on the keyboard and luckily the title Full coverage Foundations magically appeared. The first thing that popped up was the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation. So naturally I clicked one tab over and ordered it. So nice that you can order from the comfort of your Cheetos stained pajamas rather than having to run to Ulta in those said pajamas.

I am usually not the person to use Full Coverage Foundations unless I will be going somewhere I know my skin isn’t going to agree with me. Usually I’ll just grab a medium coverage that is very buildable. Sometimes its scary to just slap a full coverage on your face because what happens if you put to much? You’re going to look like one of the members of the Cullen family. Also, when you use such a high coverage foundation you end up trapping your skin and not letting it breathe. Which makes it hard for me to want to try a new one.

 Full Coverage Foundation Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review Makeup blog

Putting it to the test I brought the foundation with me to Vegas. I figured I would get the best opinion on it in a different place with a different climate. Also, let’s be honest, it’s Vegas. I had a feeling I would be up into the Wee Hours of the night. So, really, what better of a time! The product states it should last “All Night” and it DEFINITELY did. I brought my compact with me in my purse and not once did I have to touch up around my nose where foundation usually tends to break apart. I applied it at about 9 in the morning and didn’t take it off until about 2am the next day. Told you, Wee hours of the night. It surpassed my expectations.

 Full Coverage Foundation Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review Makeup blog

My tips for keeping your foundation looking great all day is Obviously having a damn good primer, but also making sure you set your entire face. Since this is so Full Coverage I would suggest setting the foundation with a Translucent powder rather than a colored face powder. All the face powder would do is give you extra coverage that you really wouldn’t need. My other tip would be, not to worry about using a heavy hand with your concealer. If you MUST use your concealer slightly dab it under your eye and just tap it out with your beauty blender. This will help you avoid having a Cake Face.

 Full Coverage Foundation Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review Makeup blog

Overall, I think this is a great foundation! Whether you’re oily, dry, or combination I think urban Decay has figured out a way to cater to all skin types. Now, I won’t be wearing it every single day because i’m not trying to be full coverage every day. But, it is definitely a go to product.

Hope this helped if you were on the fence about this foundation. Let me know if you have tried it or if you have a different favorite Full Coverage Foundation. Don’t forget to Subscribe and share!


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