New in Beauty: Dose of Colors is coming to ulta

Dose Of Colors Coming to Ulta

Dose of Colors is coming to Ulta, I repeat Dose of colors is coming to Ulta. Ladies get your credit cards ready and warn your husbands! The best liquid lipstick in the game has finally made their way to a nationwide retailer. I can’t tell you how many people I have been forcing to try my dose of colors liquid lips. Now they can go buy their own!

I have a whole post up on why I think they are the best and the type of formula they use. So go check that out if you want an in depth review. What this means for Dose of Colors is they are no longer an Indie brand. I have a strong feeling they will probably end up being in Sephora by he years end as well. So far the only news we have is that they will be sold online at Ulta, which means you’ll be able to gain points when you buy them. This gives Dose of Colors a whole new client range. Instead of being a more social media based company they will be a more nationwide company.

What this means for Ulta is they are killing 2017. In only 6 months they have added Mac and Dose of colors to their roster. I can’t imagine the type of business this will bring to Ulta. This is just my favorite beauty news I have heard all year. They haven’t released a date, but as soon as I hear I will update it on here. All i’m saying ladies and gents is be ready.

I hope you enjoyed this short little beauty update. Let me know if you guys like these! What do you want to see next? Don’t forget to subscribe and comment down below!


Until they get to Ulta you can buy them Here:

Dose Of Colors

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