Tarte Tartiest Pro Amazonian Clay Palette

Pro Amazonian Clay Palette Review

I picked this bad boy up last month over at Ulta. I kept going back and forth on this palette because it has a lot of similar shades that I already own. So finally I convinced myself to pick it up. One of the best qualities of this palette is the way Tarte has put it together. If you look at the palette you are looking at a row of an entire look. All the way from crease color to shimmer and everything in between. Which is really helpful for those who are beginning to get into make up to be able to create an entire eye look. Especially, if you’ve ran out of inspiration and need some good ideas.

The palette itself is 20 eye shadows in total. 16 of those are matte and 4 are shimmery. This will cost you $53 dollars which if you think about isn’t that bad for the amount of product you’re getting. The shadows themselves are very creamy and pigmented. I wish they would’ve put some darker shades in here because my skin is so tan that it’s very hard for the light shadows to show up. Warm toned shadows make up most of the palette which is definitely more my speed. The shimmers are very pretty and go smoothly on the skin. My tip though, would be to spray your brush with fix plus and then apply the color. I found even using my finger you didn’t get the best pay out.

Pro Amazonian Clay Palette Review

Pro Amazonian Clay Palette Review

Since the shadows are mostly warm they tend to have a bit of fall out. You guys, I could care less about fall out. To me, it means the shadows have really great pigmentation. Reason behind the fall out though, is because they have more red, pink, and purples which causes the eye shadow to be harder to mix to get the EXACT shade desired.

I’ve included a dramatic look and a more neautral look that I was able to achieve with this palette. This is one of those palettes that you really don’t need anything else to add to it. By this, I mean you really only need this palette if you are going traveling. you can create so many looks with it that you don’t need to bring 5 other palettes or shades! So overall I give this one a thumbs up! Let me know if you guys picked it up. What’d you think? Do you have any must have palettes I need to try? Don’t forget to subscribe and share!


Pro Amazonian Clay Palette ReviewPro Amazonian Clay Palette Review

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