The Only Blush Palettes You Will Ever Need

A bad blush can take your look from natural to a clown in a swipe of a brush. A great blush will compliment your makeup without overpowering it. It can enhance features you weren’t naturally born with. Usually when I mention blush, most people either think rosy pink or bright red. If only you knew the broad spectrum of blushes that are available. I have a fair amount of blushes and I find myself usually always grabbing for either one of these palettes. They are the Morphe 9b and 9n Blush Palettes. Each palette contains 9 beautiful blushes. With these, be careful because one swipe will take you a long way. Don’t shove your brush into the blush and then apply to your face. They are HIGHLY pigmented.

The 9N is more of a natural shade of blushes. Complete with your natural and warm toned blushes. Some pinks, but blushes that are made to enhance the natural blush you’re cheeks already create. Where as the 9B is brighter and funner colors. These colors are not for every day use. They are to enhance your make up if you end up going for a more dramatic look. Sometimes if you do such a heavy eye look it washes your face out. So to bring that color back you have to use a heavy or brighter shade of blush. Both palettes, to me, are quite essential. You won’t have to buy any other blushes.

                                                          9N Courtesy of: Morphe Brushes

                                                                                                                                                 9B Courtesy of: Morphe Brushes

The best part about them is that they will only cost you $20 each. That is great for those of you who are makeup artists who need something inexpensive to put in your kit. These palettes are very versatile and will compliment a broad range of skin types. So let me know what you guys think of these. Have you tried other Morphe products? What’s your thoughts? Thanks for Reading! Don’t forget to subscribe.

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