Foundations I hate

Now, before I begin this isn’t a post bashing types of foundations. These are just foundations that didn’t work out for my skin type. This doesn’t mean that they won’t work out for you. That also goes to say that if it works for me you might end up hating it. These companies that I’m going to talk about have other products that I love. So, without further adieu. Here are Foundations I Hate!!

Jose Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation

Foundations I Hate

Jaclyn Hill is to blame for this one. She talked this foundation up and I was on Sephora so fast I could hardly check my bank account in time to see if I even had the $45 to buy it. You saw that right, the foundation is $45. A couple years back my mother-in law had given me a Josie Maran Argan Oil set which I immediately fell in love with and still use to this day. So I figured this was a no brainier. Especially because this foundation promised to energize my skin and restore my skins luminosity. You guys, when I tell you the foundation was so bad I immediately had to take it off I am not lying. It came out so patchy, DRY, and my face didn’t look luminous at all. It looked rough and it accentuated all my pores and pimples. So needless to say it sits in my makeup collection.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation
Foundations I Hate

Next up is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation. This one I had to mention only for my oily girls out there. The foundation is not that bad and I can make it work sometimes, but only sometimes. The problem I run into with this foundation is that it disappears where I have oily parts on my face. I have combination skin and throughout the day it completely disappears in the parts I need it the most. So if you have to try it out make sure you cake on the translucent powder just to make sure it’s not going anywhere. The good news is it’s relatively inexpensive for a higher end brand. Just $25.

Too Faced Born This way Foundation
Foundations I Hate

Last but not least is the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. I know this is going to hurt some of you because this is a go to for you. But for me I was embarrassed I even purchased it. The foundation itself is so thick that it’s not build able. It’s just full coverage no way around it. I love a good full coverage foundation but I like to be able to get to the desired coverage I want. Even with one squirt of this one I could probably cover my whole body with a layer and still look caked up. Maybe it’s my skin type but I will not be re using this foundation. Also I ran into the color selection being a little pink sided instead of the yellow undertones I need. So I had a hard time finding my shade.

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