Neon Series: Pink Makeup Look

It’s been a slow couple of weeks for the beauty world. Everything is getting ready to release but nothing major has been released. So until some new makeup launches (and my Anastasia Subculture palette comes in) I’m bringing you some fun makeup before summer ends. I’m calling this my Neon Series Makeup! It’s not for every day but it is definitely Fun! I used some fun pink’s and oranges for this look. I used a very small handful of products but it looks like I used a ton! This would be perfect for a festival or makeup you’re going to a neon party!

To get this look I took the darker Orange shade from my Juvia’s Place Nubian 2 palette. Place it all over your lid and take a synthetic haired brush to blend into your crease. Next I went in with the bright orange/pink shade from the Juvia’s place Sarahan Palette. It looks orange in the pan but once you dip your brush in the pay off is very pink. For this color I used a thick fat lid brush to apply all over. Once you’ve got a good contrast going take your blending brush and just make sure the ends are blended flawlessly. Apply mascara and some lashes and you are done with your eyes!

For my Lips I used three different products. I know, don’t judge me. Kylie cosmetics came out with these wonderful peach shades. One is Apricot and the other is Dirty Peach. Take Dirty peach and line the outer part of your lip. Then take the Apricot shade and fill in the inner and leave a little space in the very middle of your lips. For the little bit of pink I took Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and placed it in the middle. Just blot your lips together and take your finger and blend the lines together. Now your lips match your eyes.

That’s it! Super easy. Let me know if you guys like this post and if you are going to try this makeup look! Also I’ve been thinking about adding some different things to my blog. What do you guys think about maybe adding how my wedding planning is going and the advice I would give? I was also thinking about fashion? These are just thoughts. Let me know if you guys want to see that or if you want me to stick to what I’m good at! Thanks for reading, Don’t forget to subscribe.


Products Used: Juvias Place Sarahan | Juvias Place Nubian 2 | Kylie Cosmetics Apricot | Kylie Cosmetics Dirty Peach | Flutter lashes “intoxicating” |

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