Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Brushes Review

I know you were all wondering what I think of the Jaclyn Hill and Morphe Collab palette. I’m finally ready to tell you… I am in love with this palette. Not only because it’s beautiful, but the way it was so well thought out. When I dip my brush into these shades I totally understand why this palette took 2 years to make! This is one of those makeup items that I will always use. I can’t stop putting it down and I don’t think you will either once you get your hands on it.

This palette contains mattes, shimmers, and even some duo chrome shades. In total you get 35 at $38. If you compare this to your modern renaissance palette you’re getting way more in each pan plus a more range of colors. Many reviews have come out on this palette, some bad but mostly good. Most of the people who aren’t a fan of this palette are not fans of Morphe products in general. I think it’s wrong to a judge a book by the company who produces it. Some Morphe products aren’t my favorite and I’m honest about them. This particular palette though is unlike any other Morphe product.


Comparing this palette to my 350  this one has creamer mattes and shimmers. The pigmentation is just crazy. Even when using a brush without spraying fix plus you just get so much pay off. When it comes to the duo chromes I don’t see the difference in them compared to the shimmers when I apply them on my eyes. Everybody loves a good swatch on their arms but the real and only way to tell is to swatch the colors on your eye lid. This will give you a better idea of how each product will apply. For this reviews purposes though, I’m going to swatch them on my arm for you. Have you guys tried this yet? Do you want to? Let me know what you think in the comments down below!




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