KKW Beauty Contour Kit Review

KKW Beauty Contour Kit Review

The price point on these contour sticks is $48 plus shipping. In the packaging you are getting 2 Contour Shades, 2 highlighting shades, and a brush. Which if you compare to the Anastasia Cream Contour kit you are getting a lot less for more money. The packaging it self is very simple and clean. It reminds me a lot of Kanye’s YEEZY season line. Very plane nude colors. You open up the packaging and the products are in a vacuum sealed bag. I guess this is to keep it hygienic? Who knows. It might just be me, but I ALWAYS smell products. I just like to smell things. DON’T SMELL THE PRODUCT. The worst chemical smell I have ever smelled in a beauty product. It made me not even want to put them on my face! It was surprising because Kylies products all have a overpowering candy smell. I’d take the candy smell over this chemical smell any day I’ve already got a bad taste in my mouth literally and figuratively.

So I apply. These contour shades are just the creamiest contour sticks I have ever tried. They blend so easily and give you a very flawless contour. I purchased the dark instead of the medium because it’s summer and I am a lot tanner. In Kim’s Instagram video she applies the contour under her eyes, on her nose, on her cheekbones, and into her hair line. So I did just that. I am in love with these contour sticks. I have NOTHING bad to say about them and I have been using them every single day.

KKW Beauty Contour Kit Review

The highlighting stick, not so much. When you apply the under eye highlighter it doesn’t really do anything for my skin. It almost comes off immediately when I use the brush that was included. Even if I take a beauty blender I am just not getting any coverage. So I will be sticking with my Tarte Shape Tape. The other side has a cream shimmer highlighter. I hate this highlighter. The shade itself is just awful. I can’t imagine someone with darker skin coloring than myself being able to even have the highlight show up. It’s better off being used as an eyeshadow. If you try to apply that Dark ass highlighter to your cheekbones you will end up looking VERY muddy.

You guys know how I feel about brushes that come with the packaging. I usually toss them out. The brush though to blend your contour is actually very impressive. It compliments the contour sticks very well. However, the sponge on the opposite side is not anything. It’s very in hygienic because it’s very hard to clean. So if they sold them separate, I would have just purchased the brush…

Over all you guys, I think for the money this kit isn’t worth it. You are hardly getting any product which makes it awful for those who wanted to put it in their makeup kits for clients. If they sold the products separately maybe I would purchase again. I do however think, this was a learning process for Kim and now she has plenty of feedback and knows what to do with her following products and launch days. Practice makes perfect. If my review has not swayed your opinion then there will be a restock tomorrow the 20th. Let me know if you guys already purchased these and if you Love them or hate them! Don’t forget to subscribe to be the first to know when I post something new!

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