Best Setting Sprays

Are setting sprays really worth it? Do they ACTUALLY keep your makeup on the entire night and do you really need your makeup on the entire night? This is a very good question that I hear a ton. Most people would rather by a new eyeshadow palette than spend money on water that you spray on your face. I’m with you there. However, setting sprays are very essential in very specific situations. Setting sprays are used for the sole purpose of keeping your makeup in place. So that the entire day could technically go by and your makeup is still poppin.

When you are going out for the night and you know 3 drinks in you’re on the dance floor busting a move, you need setting spray. When you are at work for more than 5 hours, you need setting spray. Most importantly if you will be away from your house for the entire day, you need setting spray. If you are going to a lunch and plan on being home in about 3 hours, don’t waste it. If you will be outside the entire day, don’t waste it.

I’ve tried my share of setting sprays over the years and I have found some that really work for me and I want to share those with you. I will also let you know how and when I use each one. I hope you guys enjoy this post and have a wonderful rest of the week!

Best Setting SpraysPhoto: Morphe Brushes $14.99

This is the Morphe Brushes Setting Spray. I use this more for my every day use. I love the aerosol can because it sprays like hairspray so you get more of an even layer.
Best Setting Sprays
Photo: Mac Cosmetics $25
This is the MAC Fix+ Setting Spray. It’s an oldie but a goodie. I use this one if I plan on being somewhere where I know it won’t be as cool. If I am going to get a little bit of heat I like this one because it keeps my face pretty moisturized.

Best Setting Sprays
Photo: Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray $32
Last but not lease this is the Urban Decay Setting Spray. This one really is for all night. If you are going out with the girls for the night slather this on all over your face. Because this will last through all the dancing and sweating you’re going to be doing.

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