Favorite Fall Lipsticks

We all know that when I say Lipstick I usually mean liquid lipstick. In this case, I mean both! As of August 1st I consider it Fall and am ready for dark lips and even darker eye shadows. I have a bad habit of sticking to just a few different lip products that I will use constantly until Winter. Don’t think that just because it is Fall do you need to ditch the pinks and the nudes, because you don’t. This is just the time for all your reds and maroons and purples to start making a good comeback. I figured I would share with you guys what my Favorite Fall Lipsticks are so that you can stock up before they sell out!

Favorite Fall Lipsticks

Photo: Dose Of Colors

#1 Dose Of Colors- “BRICK”
Who knew Dose Of Colors would be my first choice? I’m thinking I might wear this one for my wedding!


Favorite Fall Lipsticks

Photo: Kylie Cosmetics

#2 Kylie Cosmetics-Ginger
I think this is just the perfect muted pumpkin shade. It sounds weird but this will go really well if you wear a red flannel. Just try it and thank me later.

Favorite Fall Lipsticks

Photo: Too Faced

#3 Too Faced- “Lady Balls”

Mainly Love this one because of the name.


Favorite Fall Lipsticks

Photo: Temptalia

#4 MAC- Velvet Teddy

Oldie but still most definitely a goody.

Favorite Fall Lipsticks

Photo: Anastasia of Beverly Hills

#5 Anastasia Beverly Hills- Sepia

This one is just a great cool toned nude. It gives you some color but it just works so well if you are going for an all Black with some black thigh highs kind of look.

I hope this gives you some ideas of what kind of make up looks you will be seeing from me coming soon. Fall is absolutley one of my favorite times of the year especially because Halloween is included in it! Let me know if you guys like these kind of posts and what you want to see next!


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