Rembrandt Whitening Kit Review (PLUS GIVEAWAY)

Rembrandt Whitening Kit Review

Happy Monday my loves! I hope this weekend was just as relaxing for you guys as it was for me. My wedding is approaching fairly quickly and it’s down the the final 6 months. Which means I am working on my skin, hair, and teeth! So when Rembrandt reached out to me I was more than thrilled! So let me give you a little history before I give you my honest review. Keep reading to the end for the giveaway rules!

Rembrandt was actually the first EVER teeth whitening toothpaste created! Which means they have had plenty of time to perfect their products. They first launched their whitening tooth paste in 1989 and from there has not stopped growing. They are a huge brand and I’m sure you’ve seen their MANY products at Walmart, CVS/Pharmacy and even Target. Their website is very helpful because it tells you where else you can buy it if you don’t have one of those stores near you. Or you can always buy it online like the rest of the world.

Rembrandt Whitening Kit Review

So let’s get on to the good stuff. You guys, I am very aware that my teeth aren’t perfect. One day I will get them fixed but that doesn’t mean I don’t love my smile just the way it is. So when I get this personal and show you my real teeth it’s because I want to give you an honest review. I want you to see if the strips really made a difference or not. Rembrandt sent me the 1 week whitening kit. They send you 28 strips that customize to your teeth as soon as you put them on. They promise to pack 14 days worth of whitening into 7 days which is a pretty big promise.

Directions state to do a set twice a day for 30 minutes. Which at first seems like a lot of wasted time but to be honest if you put them on in the morning while you’re doing your makeup you forget about them. At night as I got ready for bed I would put them on before I washed my face and cleaned my makeup off. My whole night routine takes about 30 minutes anyways so it really wasn’t a bother like I thought it would be.

Rembrandt Whitening Kit Review

I have VERY sensitive teeth. To the point that I can hardly eat on both sides and it’s hard for me to drink anything cold. So I was very hesitant about using these because in the past whitening strips have only amplified my sensitivity. These did not cause me any problems! It didn’t cure my sensitivity or anything but it definitely didn’t make things worse which is a HUGE plus. As for the whitening, you be the judge. I think it worked just as it said it would. My teeth are so much whiter! I will definitely be purchasing these for the month of my wedding and probably forcing my fiance to join in with me. I really have nothing negative to say about these and I would suggest anyone who is wanting to whiten their teeth at home to try the brand that has been trusted for almost 30 years.

On to the giveaway, all you have to do is make sure you are subscribed to the blog. Comment Done at the bottom of this post and I will chose a winner on Friday the 29th. That’s it! Super simple. You’ll be getting to try their 3 day Express Whitening kit!

Thank you guys for reading! Have you tried Rembrandt before? What was your experience with them? I will include the link below so you can guys can check it out for yourself!


 |Rembrandt 1 week whitening kit | $24.99

(This is A sponsored post, however all opinions are my own)


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