Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Review

Subculture Palette Review

The day has finally come. My subculture palette review. I’ve never seen so many negative reviews on a palette. Ever. I can’t even think of one review that was positive. So you know what that means. I HAD to review it. So let’s jump right in .

Subculture is supposed to be the sister to Anastasias modern renaissance palette. Norvina, the creator of these palettes, explained that if modern renaissance was warm, subculture was cool. Modern renaissance broke the makeup world when it first launched. Even to this day it is a top palette in almost every makeup artists collection. Which means that subculture was already being held to the standards of modern renaissance. That’s like when Eli manning stepped on to the football field in the shadow of his brother Peyton. But Eli shook the football universe and they both ended up being great! (If this football reference went over your head, I’m sorry. Watch some foot ball) I’m saying this because I believe subculture is just as great as modern renaissance.

Subculture Palette Review

At first glance the colors of this palette don’t speak to my warm red and orange heart. Then I started swatching. I never new I needed these colors. The types of colors she chose are colors that are meant to compliment each other on the color wheel. That means they don’t mix. If you start trying to mix the colors together they turn a type of grey color. That’s because ¬†they are complete opposites on the wheel. However you actually don’t even need to mix or layer them because these shadows are just so pigmented. When Norvina created this I think she was wanting something that you only needed two eye shadows to create a perfect look. Almost more of a runway inspired palette rather than your every day palette. However, since they are so pigmented you only need to lightly dab your brush into the product. If you go in with a harsh hand YOU WILL HAVE FALLOUT. So If you aren’t used to such pigment you’ll end up getting it on your face. My tip for that is just to apply a heavy amount of translucent powder under your eye while your are applying your shadow. This will help catch any fall out and you can dust it away in the end.

Subculture Palette Review

So my final thoughts. This palette is a must have. I love it and I have been using it nonstop. I never would have thought I would be loving a cool toned palette but it changed my mind. Anastasia and Norvina have done it again. I can’t wait for the next palette to drop. Try it for yourselves you guys and let me know what you think. I think it’s fun to sometimes step out of your comfort zone and try something you never thought you would try. Those are the times when your makeup skills grow and you learn new ways to do your makeup. Don’t forget to subscribe!!



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