Fenty Beauty Review


Fenty Beauty Review

I was left with a pretty negative taste in my mouth when I tried the KKW contour sticks. So when I heard another celebrity would be branching off into their own make up line I wasn’t impressed. I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to go out and purchase. I was however, curious. So I broke down and purchased SOME of her collection. Not only was I impressed, I wanted to buy more. The entire line felt like an actual makeup line. The quality of product was not only amazing but the amount of product was even better. It’s like she really thought about her audience and who would be purchasing her line. Not to mention the broad range of colors. She thought about the pale skin tones as well as the darkest skin tones. INCLUDING their undertones.

The contour sticks are so smooth and creamy. They can come in a set or you can choose to make your set to make your perfect highlight and contour set. What’s pretty awesome about them is that they are magnetic so you can stick them together and throw them in your makeup bag. I’m pretty sure this was inspired by the Melt cosmetics owner because she created eye shadow singles that are stack-able. The only reason I compare the two is because the Melt owner was Rihanna’s make up artist. Back to the product, the contour is really easy to blend and doesn’t create a harsh line. Unlike the KKW highlight stick, Fenty beauty’s highlighter stick blends so flawlessly. Everything compliments your natural beauty so well.

Fenty Beauty Review

The primer smells amazing. Not that it’s super important but usually when you can smell the chemicals you start wondering if you should put it on your face. I’m usually not to fond of primers just because when I am going for the natural look I like my foundation to kind of melt in my skin. The primer , usually for me, gives you more of a layer causing your natural look to be more chalky. This primer almost feels like a moisturizer so when I apply it, immediately it melts in my skin leaving a matte hydrated look. I’m not mad at it.

This foundation is life changing. It matches my skin so perfectly and sits on my skin so well. I’ve never got so many compliments on my skin before wearing this. Usually people will ask what foundation I am wearing. With the Fenty foundation all everyone asked is your skin look so nice and healthy. It is a matte foundation but it’s probably my number on right now. If you want to make it less matte just add a little liquid glow to the foundation before applying to your face.

Last but not least. My favorite product from the line. Her lip gloss! I am not a lip gloss girl. ESPECIALLY when you walk outside and your hair gets caught in your lipstick. Or having to worry about sucking your teeth because every time you talk you have to worry about product transfer to your teeth. It’s also really hard to find a gloss that just enhances your lips without adding to much glitter. If I had to create a perfect lip gloss this would be it. It smells amazing, it stays on all day, and it just gives me that sun kissed glow on my lips. Not to much glitter but not to matte.

Overall I am thoroughly impressed by this line.You can tell how hard and long Rihanna worked to get everything just right. She thought of everybody not leaving out skin type or tone out. Rihanna’s makeup is never overpowering and she’s always just enhancing her natural beauty. This line is the spitting image of what Rihanna embodies. Have you guys tried the line yet? Let me know in the comments below! Halloween makeup and tutorials are coming soon you guys!


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