Saint & Sinner Palette Kat Von D Review

Saint & Sinner Palette Review

Are you guys already thinking of the gifts you want to receive for christmas? It’s never to early to start thinking about what you’re going to put on your christmas list. Or maybe you’re thinking of what you want to give to your friends and family. Which means that all of your favorite brands are going to be releasing their holiday gift sets early. When Kat Von D does a gift set she doesn’t make it all cheesy and corney like some of these companies. Nor does she try to make you buy her products with gimmicks. She let’s her products speak for her. So when I realized she had dropped a brand new palette I knew it was going to be something everyone wanted to get their hands on for the holidays.

Saint & Sinner Palette Review

I don’t think I have ever come across a Kat Von D beauty item that I wasn’t in love with. Her products show just how much effort she puts into them. She hand draws all the covering, and artwork for everyone of her beauty pieces. Which range from foundations all the way to eye brow products. She is a busy woman,so it’s even more interesting that she cares that much about her products to portray how she thinks they should look. Instead of hiring someone to do it for her.

The same can be said for her products. When Kat Von D is working on anything she’s usually testing it out for months and months before she even shares what she is creating with her social media. So when the Saint & Sinner palette dropped I really had not heard much about it. I didn’t see many beauty bloggers talking about it or even posted to her social media accounts. I like this because it gives everybody the same chance to get their hands on a palette. When some big company keeps advertising and pushing the launch of a product not everybody has an equal chance. Whether it be they are on the opposite side of the world or they may be at work some people don’t have the opportunity to purchase it before it sells out.

Saint & Sinner Palette Review

Back to the quality, the shadows are so pigmented! Each swipe makes me more and more excited. She’s made a perfect mix of mattes and shimmers that aren’t boring or everyday shades. The way the palette is laid out really inspires you to step out of your comfort zone. You may look at the palette and think you would never use those colors but as you swatch you’re thinking of ways to pair the shadows together. Some of the shimmers are like an iridescent glitter which makes for a perfect lid topper.

You guys have to trust me, you need this palette. Go take a look at it and tell me what you think! Don’t forget to subscribe and comment down below what you want to see next!



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