Dose Of Colors Holiday Sets

Dose of colors holiday sets

My favorite brand has done it again! Dose of colors has come out with a holiday collection that has surpassed all the other ones. Not only am I completely surprised by the products that were chosen I am more surprised by the range of colors! It speaks to my soul on so many levels! There are three sets in total. You can buy each set separately or all three together. These colors don’t come in singles so there’s no way to purchase just one color. Honestly though, why would you want to? Each Liquid Lipstick set is $29.00 and the Lipstick set is $40.00. The liquid mattes come with 3 in each set and the lipsticks come with 4. So let me show you the amazing colors!

Set #1-“Holibae Set” $29.00

Dose of colors holiday sets

Dose of colors holiday sets

Bittersweet- Is described as an Orange Red

Extra Saucy- Is described as a Deep Red

Strawberry Pop- Is described, as you guess i’m sure, Strawberry Red

I think this set is perfect for that one person in your life who can rock the bright colors all year long. Especially someone who always rocks a red lip to the Christmas party

Set #2- “The Snuggle Is Real” $29.00

Dose of colors holiday sets

Dose of colors holiday sets

Let’s Cuddle- Is described as warm beige

Lazy Daisy- Is described as  dusty mauve taupe

Warm & Fuzzy- Is described as warm rose

This set is perfect for your every day nude lipped person. Take it from work to a night out with these three colors. These would also be perfect if you’re looking for a gift for you mother who is a little more conservative.

Set #3- “Winter Hues” $40.00

Dose of colors holiday sets

Dose of colors holiday setsCinnamon Swirl- Is described as burnt orange red

Mocha- Is described as burnt orange red

Toast-Is described as warm brown beige

Brûlée- Is described as pinkish beige

This is the perfect gift for those of you who HATE liquid lipsticks. These are so moisturizing and they smell amazing! These lipsticks go perfect with a no makeup makeup look!

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