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Skull Makeup

Skull Makeup

Halloween fell on a Tuesday this year, which means everyone will be going out to party this weekend! If you really don’t want to go out but your friends are forcing you, have no fear, Arin is here. I’ve created some fun Halloween looks that will make it easy to just make an awesome costume with what you have at home! You don’t even have to go out and purchase Halloween makeup, you can use some eye shadow and a little eye liner. I added a wig for fun, I got that on amazon!

For this look I used the Mehron Paradise AQ 30 color palette. Since this item is a little pricey I will give you a tip. Take a foundation that you don’t use everyday, scrape out some black eye shadow and mix it together. Just use this as your face paint. It will give you good coverage and you don’t have to shell out any extra money. For eye shadow I just used black, brown, and gray eye shadow. The easiest advice I can give you is just to follow the lines of your face. If you furrow your face it will give you a good guideline and you can go from there.

The way to make it look more realistic is to always follow your paint with shadow. The more shade around the edges the more harsh and less precise the look is. It makes it more look realistic and scary vs. boring! Hope this gives you some inspiration! Let me know if you recreate it. Don’t forget to comment and subscribe!

Wig| Face Paint Palette

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