I was left with a pretty negative taste in my mouth when I tried the KKW contour sticks. So when I heard another celebrity would be branching off into their own make up line I wasn’t impressed. I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to go out and purchase. I was however, curious. So… Continue Reading

Happy Monday my loves! I hope this weekend was just as relaxing for you guys as it was for me. My wedding is approaching fairly quickly and it’s down the the final 6 months. Which means I am working on my skin, hair, and teeth! So when Rembrandt reached out to me I was more… Continue Reading

The day has finally come. My subculture palette review. I’ve never seen so many negative reviews on a palette. Ever. I can’t even think of one review that was positive. So you know what that means. I HAD to review it. So let’s jump right in . Subculture is supposed to be the sister to… Continue Reading

  It’s about that time to bring out your Modern Renaissance palette and start creating those plum reds and purples makeup looks. I know I haven’t posted a makeup look in a while for you guys so I figured I would come back with a bang. With this look it just took a lot of… Continue Reading

Sephora has been in the big leagues for a while now. So you wouldn’t think they remembered the small businesses because they are already stocked full of higher end companies. However, I think they’ve been listening to their consumers and decided to join forces with another big wig. Do you guys remember Kat Von D… Continue Reading

We all know that when I say Lipstick I usually mean liquid lipstick. In this case, I mean both! As of August 1st I consider it Fall and am ready for dark lips and even darker eye shadows. I have a bad habit of sticking to just a few different lip products that I will… Continue Reading

Are setting sprays really worth it? Do they ACTUALLY keep your makeup on the entire night and do you really need your makeup on the entire night? This is a very good question that I hear a ton. Most people would rather by a new eyeshadow palette than spend money on water that you spray… Continue Reading