Liquid lipstick can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you don’t have the right application you end up trying to scrub it off and ruining the rest of your makeup! I’m going to show you a couple Tips and Tricks on How to Apply Liquid Lipstick the right way! So let’s… Continue Reading

I hear from people all the time that Green Eyeshadow is really hard to pull off. I’m here to tell you it’s not. It’s very simple but gives your makeup a fresh warm look. To create this look I used the Juvias Place Nubian 2 palette. This look only took 3 shades! It looks just… Continue Reading

The Festivals are upon us! It’s time to break out that glitter and use your creative side! I will be posting a couple different looks for some festival inspiration for you guys. This first one here is really simple. Social media has been blowing up lately because Kim Kardashian wore a lip ring. Which shouldn’t… Continue Reading

Something has been brewing over at Dose Of Colors for the past 8 months and they have finally released what it was. Two new, must have, eye shadow palettes! They are complete opposite palettes but  each has the same concept. Being that you can take one palette with you when you travel and it contains… Continue Reading

Happy Saturday! Are you searching  Pinterest for a great spring eye makeup to do today? Maybe this will inspire you!  Here is my warm gold spring makeup look that I created for you guys. It’s so hard for me to stay away from warm tones, especially in the spring time! I love the way this look… Continue Reading

Baked Browns | “Mondaze” Liquid Lip | Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation| Benefit brow pencil | Just received my Dose Of Colors Baked browns palette. Going to do a full review for you guys this week. In the mean time here is one of the looks I created with the palette. Super simple but very versatile.… Continue Reading

  Here is a sultry purple smokey eye for you guys! I love to jump outside the box and pair purples with oranges and yellows. Not only does it make the purple pop so much more, it also gives you that sunset type of look. People always think that smokey eyes are just for black… Continue Reading