I know you were all wondering what I think of the Jaclyn Hill and Morphe Collab palette. I’m finally ready to tell you… I am in love with this palette. Not only because it’s beautiful, but the way it was so well thought out. When I dip my brush into these shades I totally understand… Continue Reading

Summer is upon us. Which means for those of us who live here in Texas, we’re sweating our asses off just to walk in the house. It’s hard to want to put makeup on when you know in five minutes it’s just going to melt off your face and creep into your pores. Not to… Continue Reading

This is a big week for beauty lovers everywhere! Two major things are coming and you will have to take out your ninja skills to get these HIGHLY coveted items. Kim Kardashian West is starting a cosmetics line. What’s her first product you wonder? What could the Queen of Contours first product be? Hmmm. It’s… Continue Reading

iluvsarahii ,who’s real name is Karen, is a Instagram/Youtube star. So it was only fitting she would come out with her own collection. Who else better to do it with then Colourpop? It is the perfect combination because she has always done the campaign makeup for their product launches. So when I heard she had… Continue Reading

A bad blush can take your look from natural to a clown in a swipe of a brush. A great blush will compliment your makeup without overpowering it. It can enhance features you weren’t naturally born with. Usually when I mention blush, most people either think rosy pink or bright red. If only you knew… Continue Reading

Now, before I begin this isn’t a post bashing types of foundations. These are just foundations that didn’t work out for my skin type. This doesn’t mean that they won’t work out for you. That also goes to say that if it works for me you might end up hating it. These companies that I’m… Continue Reading

A good bronzer can take your boring basic look to a snatched and ready for the day type of girl. The wrong bronzer can take you from snatched to “I can see that fake tan, you aren’t fooling anyone” type of girl. Bronzers are there to warm up your face and give your face some… Continue Reading