Do you really need a $50 foundation? That’s the question I kept asking myself as I was checking out at Macys. Is it worth $50? It better cure my pimples for costing that much. I was Going back and forth and back and forth until my finger clicked check out and there it was, on… Continue Reading

Dose of Colors is coming to Ulta, I repeat Dose of colors is coming to Ulta. Ladies get your credit cards ready and warn your husbands! The best liquid lipstick in the game has finally made their way to a nationwide retailer. I can’t tell you how many people I have been forcing to try… Continue Reading

You know when you were younger and you could make your Mom a card out of macaroni and it was the best present she couldn’t eat? Those days are long behind us. Now, mom’s don’t care whether you get them a flower you picked up outside her house because you forgot it was mother’s day… Continue Reading

This brand continues and continues to get controversy no matter where you look. Some people hate them, some love them, and some don’t care. However, for as much controversy they create, they create some pretty bad ass products. This collaboration with Kim Kardashian West included. These creme liquid lipsticks came out at the perfect time.… Continue Reading

I picked this bad boy up last month over at Ulta. I kept going back and forth on this palette because it has a lot of similar shades that I already own. So finally I convinced myself to pick it up. One of the best qualities of this palette is the way Tarte has put… Continue Reading

Happy Friday everyone! I got these in the mail about a week ago and I’ve been testing them out for you guys. Colour Pop is actually having a sale on them right now where normally they are $6.00 and they are $4.80. I mean, could it get much better? So before you run off to… Continue Reading

Summer is right around the corner. Which means for us Texans, it’s been here since January! So it’s time to take out all your Summer Makeup products! All those light weight foundations, water proof mascaras, and your summer glow highlighters! All your favorite brands are going to start coming out with summer themed makeup as… Continue Reading