Every Day Natural Smokey Eye

  Just Kidding! This isn’t your Every Day Natural Smokey Eye! That being said, I wouldn’t mind wearing this Smokey Eye every day! Most People get pretty nervous when it comes to using a darker eye shadow across your lid. Sometimes you can come out looking like a raccoon or too dramatic. I think though,… Continue Reading

Peach Makeup look

  Spring is here! So be ready for all the bright fun colored tutorials coming your way. This look is so fun and flirty and I can’t get enough of it! The only trouble I have with wearing peach toned makeup is finding something to wear with it. I had to buy a burgundy shirt… Continue Reading

How to Wear Green Eyeshadow

I hear from people all the time that Green Eyeshadow is really hard to pull off. I’m here to tell you it’s not. It’s very simple but gives your makeup a fresh warm look. To create this look I used the Juvias Place Nubian 2 palette. This look only took 3 shades! It looks just… Continue Reading

Easy Affordable Festival Makeup

The Festivals are upon us! It’s time to break out that glitter and use your creative side! I will be posting a couple different looks for some festival inspiration for you guys. This first one here is really simple. Social media has been blowing up lately because Kim Kardashian wore a lip ring. Which shouldn’t… Continue Reading